Reprinted from the Plano Insider

By Liz McGathey, Staff writer


Author shares stories through dogs’ eyes

A high school principal, a government law enforcement agent, and two Labrador retrievers.  It’s not a punchline, it’s Plano resident Doyle Walker’s life story.

A few years ago Cathy, Walker’s wife of over 40 years, suffered a mild stroke that left her without feeling in three of her fingers and without her math skills.  “She couldn’t even add 10 plus 10,” Walker said. “This from a girl who had a 4.0 in college and helped me get through college math.”  Walker, a retired PISD history teacher and principal, and his wife were advised by Cathy’s doctor to exercise her brain to help regain the skills she lost by reading.  Knowing his wife isn’t much of a reader, Walker began to write a series of short stories about the couple’s two chocolate Labradors, Belle and Chloe. The stories were a hit with Cathy and later with friends and family, who talked him into publishing his writing.

Walker tells his readers of the time he saved Belle’s life with mouth-to-snout resuscitation, looking at Christmas lights and the dogs’ experiences with various neighborhood critters. The last few chapters are especially touching, but Walker smiled and said, “You’ll have to read the book to discover exactly what I’m referring to. It’ll be well worth your time!”

Walker said he always wanted to write, but the obvious choice of writing about history never appealed to him. “It was all for Cathy, to get her over the hump,” he said. “The stories just flowed.” Now on and, Walker’s writing is reaching more readers than he imagined. Although Cathy’s math skills have returned, he is currently thinking about writing more books.

My life couldn’t be any better,” he said.  “People have told me their kids love reading the book and, as a former teacher, I love to hear that.”