About "The Misadventures of Belle & Chloe - Do You Want Ketchup on That?"

SYNOPSIS: A 120 page, all color book of short stories that recount the true adventures of two chocolate Labs, sisters Belle and Chloe. The tales, containing many told by the author, as well as several voiced by both Belle and Chloe, describe their fun with squirrels, cats, ducks, raccoons, possums, a rat the size of a small farm animal and a bullfrog by the name of Jeremiah...to name only a few of the daily interactions they have with the various critters that reside within their North Texas neighborhood. No animals were hurt in the writing of this book, although the neighbor's cat may have suffered a slight nervous breakdown.

BOOK’S AUDIENCE:  While the book’s Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level score ranges from grades 4.6 to 11.3 (depending upon the story), readers of all ages - from parents and grandparents reading the book to their kids at bedtime...to students in the classroom...and even residents in retirement communities...have written to me telling me how much they enjoy "The Misadventures of Belle & Chloe."  But what I enjoy most is hearing that my book is causing children of all ages to pick it up and start reading it for themselves, from small children to much older students considered by their teachers to be "reluctant readers."

WHAT MAKES THIS BOOK UNIQUE:  Several years ago my wife suffered a stroke and lost her math skills.  One of Cathy’s doctors thought that perhaps a steady dose of reading could “re-instruct” her brain and that her number sense might return (she suffered no other ill effects from the stroke...she just couldn’t do simple math any longer).  Now, since reading was never too high on her list of things she liked to do, I began writing short stories about our two insane Labs, Belle and Chloe, in hopes that she might find something she enjoyed to read.  Cathy read and re-read the stories, and soon our friends and their children (and grandchildren) began reading them too.  In time, it was suggested that I publish the stories in book form. On January 1, 2009, my  first "Misadventures of Belle and Chloe" book appeared on Amazon, and before the end of the month, Barnes and Noble.com picked it up.  Now, a few years later, "Do You Want Ketchup on That" has rolled off the presses, and it’s now winning several national book awards.  Not only does the new book contain a few of the original chapters, but it also contains dozens of new tales written by Belle and Chloe themselves.


Oh...and today, Cathy’s math skills are completely back to normal.